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(CoCo) Radio Shark TRS-80 Color Computer (English)

In Spanish
In this section I will present my work on this computer

I built in two weI built in two weeks (and two months "je je" since November 2010) an integrated utility in Windows to see and review DSK 
I saw no good 
Toolshed does many things but commands 
and CoCoDSK_1.5.9.09 is nice but one at a time and missing stuff. not drop down, and other things 

This beta version 1.0.9 

What it does? 

This utility checks multiple virtual disks (one at a time) of the Color Computer *. DSK, VDK (DRAGON) and displays its directory 
It is easy to move from one disk to another and revise many well. 

- Go to the directory 
- View files in various ways, PC and DSK (RS-DOS) 
- View Sectors and Tracks 
- Copy files from PC to COCO (RS-DOS) and vice versa 
- Format, Create empty disk DSK 
- Sort alphabetically or by another order virtual disk DSK. 
- Check FAT errors 
- Format coco, green characters on TV As the coco (to remember). 
- Convert BIN Basic programs to ASCII format and vice versa, both within the DSK and PC (DIR separate files on the PC) 
- Views and editing in DSK and PC.
- View and edit in HEX and DSK.
- Delete files on DSK and PC.
- Rename (name and extension) in DSK. 
- Change attributes, types and formats. 
- Sort by name, size granules, and Bytes, Etc. first pellet up and down, and several at once. 
- English and Spanish languages, expandable 
- Copy PC to DSK and vice versa by dragging and dropping. 
- View VDK (DRAGON) read-only 
- View pictures and files COCOMAX 
- View graphic sectors and tracks 

- OS9 and NITRO, 40 track, 80 track and DD, large disks 
- Desfracmentar 
- Compare many. DSK and see if there are duplicate programs. adding into each other. 
- Use of granules, for reconstruction or deleted files 
- Run programs with the emulator 
- Print a copy of a DIR or TXT. 
- Editor of sectors (disk and file) 
- Recover deleted files, damaged or corrupted 
- Show errors (almost) 
- Moving from Wav to Cas and vice versa. 
- View Graphic Pac and other formats, databases and so on., If anyone has knowledge and information of the subject, will welcome 
- Copy files from one disk to another 
- Maybe disassemble 
- What is needed 
- The sources I can give at the end, so that no duplicates with changes there. 
  The idea is that I ask for them, for now, and if I can the please. 

Suggestions and improvements, aids in tests 
Yes there are better tell me 
If anyone has knowledge and information of the subject, will welcome 

Luis Fernandez. 

link to the utility (still in evidence, be careful with your dsk)

Versión 1.1.3

Version 1.0.9

Setup Multi language

Setup Spanish (best for vista and 7) 


Old Version

Version 1.

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