sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Front-End for Color Computer games and others

Hoy hice un front end para mis juegos de la color computer espero que les guste, estoy obteniendo los permisos necesarios de las fuentes

I'm doing a front-end gaming coco and Lcurtis Boile (on their website) has the best collection of pictures and descriptions the games of coconut. 
I Realize My front end today (only one day late). but without the data.
I require permission to use your website information, how hard achievement to get, would not serve much. 
I have everything I need, just ask, if it looks good to give away this front end to your information. 
Of course you will have all the honors of the collection of data, writing and screensave. 
appoints to you on multiple sites in the system. 
If you choose not to give me permission, I will respect your decision
or a partial permit. 
The idea is to place the Titles, Authors, Publisher, Year, screensave, Requirements and comments 
You can sort and filter, for all fields 
It is made in access (Office)
For this create an extractor and just need your approval